A few UX Touches

A few UX Touches

Today we released a few little UX touches. 

Colour Coded Flow Steps

Once of the main philosophies Lean Manufacturing harbours is the concept of making everything as visual as possible. With this in mind we've tried to make the Active Flows Board a little more readable at a glance by colour coding the flow steps. The way it works is simple really, there is now a colour picker for each flow step when you setup or edit your flow as shown here:


Once you've saved your flow step colours you will notice that these now appear on the active Flow boards:


Better Response Feedback in the mobile App

We've added a few UX features to the mobile app, One of the main ones being the response time-outs. Now when you scan a code, once the colour response is returned - after 5 seconds the scan screen is cleared. This is so we can differentiate the next scan response in the event something goes wrong and no response is returned or there was an error scanning the code.

Keep the feedback coming.