Adopt advanced Lean Manufacturing tools on a budget - Cheap Scan Devices

Adopt advanced Lean Manufacturing tools on a budget - Cheap Scan Devices

What makes lean flow so great is no matter how big or small your organisation may be - we've got you covered. Today a user let us know just how cheap their scan infrastructure was - so we thought we'd share! Adopt advanced Lean Manufacturing tools on a budget.

Smart devices are actually cheap believe it or not, particularly android ones. One of our users let us know recently they purchased 5 handset from their local telco store at only $49 each! we where astounded. Without mentioning the telco and the exact model, specifications of the particular device they purchased are:

Android 4.0.4

Processor 1.0GHz Snapdragon CPU, 512 MB RAM, Adreno 200 GPU
Memory 1GB Flash with 280MB user space, plus up to 32GB microSD external storage
Display TFT 3.5", HVGA 480 x 320, capacitive touch
Sensors Proximity, light, accelerometer,magnetometer

Rear 2MP camera with 5 x digital zoom 
video recording 15 fps @ VGA

 Audio out Earpiece, Speakerphone & 3.5mm headset
 Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

Because the process demand on the device itself is so minimal, the device really doesn't need to be incredibly powerful as all the work is done in your lean flow cloud account!

This particular customer setup a wifi network in their production line environment, allocated the devices at their stations, AND BAM! they where on the way to harnessing the power of Value stream Mapping and Lean Philosophy.

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