Chromecast - Stream your dashboard to the floor

Chromecast - Stream your dashboard to the floor

Today one of our trial members sent us in some photos of how they are using the Google chromecast to visually display their lean flow cloud dashboard. The visually displayed the dashboard charts like Takt Time Count and Volume on to a bigger screen.

Because lean flow is a cloud based app, leveraging such technologies like stream casting is one of the many advantages cloud web applications have. 


Why is it important that the floor can see the production dashboard?

One of the core principles that make lean manufacturing so effective is the visual tools that allow you to identify where inefficiencies exists, such as value stream mapping. In order to continually improve your value stream maps you need to ensure everyone is involved in the process of improvement. Making this improvements visual is essential to ensure the momentum stays on track.

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‘the place where truth can be found”

This Japanese term used in Lean philosophy - essentially means that its important to visit the place where improvement of you production flow needs to occur. Having Lean Flow Visual in these places can be really effective and powerful in the process of improving your value stream map and flows.