Cloud Based Value Stream Mapping & Production Tracking

Lean flow is a cloud based value stream mapping tool that utilises scan technology to relay metrics to your Lean flow account for reporting. These reports are extremely useful in analysing at which point you can potentially reduce your lead time in your production flow. 

Lean Flow Scan

Don't have any scan technology in your production lines? Don't stress, get started now with Lean Flow Scan. Our Scanning app allows you to get started straight away. Lean Flow Scan is currently supported on thes smart device platforms:




*Currently being provisioned - available soon!


Lean Flow Cloud

Lean Flow Cloud is the brains of the Lean flow technology. Here is where you create and manage your lean flow account. Lean flow is a value stream mapping tool that allows you dynamically create production flows and report on their metrics. The Lean Flow Cloud app main features are:

  • Product Management
  • Product Component managment
  • Production Flow creation
  • Real Time QR code scanned flow tracking
  • Volume Reporting
  • Takt time reporting

Lean Flow API

Got your own platforms and infrastructure? No worries! Lean Flow has RESTful API allowing you to integrate your lean flow account with your existing inventory and scan technology & solutions. Check out our growing support and documentation at api.leanflowapp.com


Value Stream

Easily create your value stream maps in the cloud. You can load in all your end product components along with exactly what order they are required, so to ensure Quality Assurance in your flow an minimal error.


Once your live data starts to build you can use the advanced reporting tools in Lean flow to acertain where you can remove or reshuffle wastful steps in your flow. You can derive you current, as well as desired, Takt Time - so to ensure your planning for your demand!


Lean techniques are all manifested on the concept of continuous improvement. By Lean flow accurately identifying where you can improve your value stream maps you can continue to improve your production, every day!