Meta Data

We're letting you send your custom data guys!

Exciting times. 

Due to overwhelming feedback from our users - we're including in the next sprint release the ability for users to send custom product data to your flows!

Why does lean flow need this?

Based on the feedback we've received it's become apparent that users want the ability to individually identify their active flows. Put simply in an example - if you are a manufacturer and you have a particular unique internal order number for that product being created; you'd like to be able to see where this is at in lean flow RIGHT!

How will it work?

Well... Lean flow's scan api allows you retrieve your codes via their id scan id; example: 

which returns your desired product scan code.

Now all you'll need to do is setup your custom data tags against your product and append them to your code api query string call, example 

And it will be encoded and sent back on scan.

Cool huh!

Stay tuned for the first sprint release due very..very soon as well further info.