Simple Additions That Mean Big Things

Simple Additions That Mean Big Things

In the most recent sprint deployed today we managed to implement a simple yet powerful functionality which will save time and speed up reporting. From feedback we've received it was noted that a lot of Lean Flow users require a particular flow they have set up to not just be related to one product but many. This predominately applies to users employing Lean flow on a more holistic level where your flow steps aren't terribly granular. Anyway - we listened and delivered. 


In your Flow editor now you will notice that the product selection is no longer just for a single product but a drop down select which allows you to access all your products and relate them to that flow. The scan logic is still exactly the same however when you go to scan a particular product code it will be linked to the respective flow you have added it too.

If you start to do this you will notice the dashboard and reporting charts start to alter slightly and become a little more colourful. In particular the Product Split Pie Chart. This chart basically represents the volume percentage for all your products that have successfully completed a flow.