Sprint Release: Lean flow scan 1.2 & Lean flow cloud 1.1

Sprint Release: Lean flow scan 1.2 & Lean flow cloud 1.1

Last night we pushed out the first release for our initial sprint. This was focused on our scan app and cloud. Every time a sprint is released we will be sure we post it here on our blog.

General Features:

  • Unique ID: Unique ID is a feature that allows user to uniquely identify a flow. Previously we posted about the need for meta data in each flow, this is the first step in the functions for this. The architecture is simply this;
    • The only "strongly typed" meta property is the "uniqueID" - meaning, that the rest is dynamically appended to the data model, by you in the new scan data model (explained later)
    • Much like we explained before, meta data including the unique ID will be encoded in the dynamically created QR code provided by the API; example:
      • http://api.leanflowapp.com/Codes?id=1009&uniqueID=83829.1 
    • All meta data including the unique ID is optional.

Cloud Features & Fixes:

  • Unique ID: Lean flow now visually displays the unique ID in the active flow table enabling you to quickly Identify a particular flow:


  • Sorting in the active flow table is now by last scan

Scan App Features & Fixes:

  • Unique Id Support with scan code decoding

We're really looking forward to seeing what doors this unlocks for our valued user based. The next sprint is already under way which is planning to be a major release including further fixes, UX enhancements and the "coming soon" report providers.

As always, we appreciate your feedback.